Dear friends,  


On behalf of the City of Sabac, the Tourism organization and organizing committee, we send you this Invitation for the participation in the 9th International Carnival. The carnival will be held from 15th to 17th September 2016.

Our carnival is the part of the traditional manifestation Civijada, which has existed since 1968. However, we need to mention that the first carnival parade took place with the first Civijada. In the past nine years, we hosted the participants from over fifteen countries. The city of Sabac is the member of the Federation of European Carnival's Cities (FECC) since 2009. Also, the City of Sabac will organize the XXXVIII annual FECC meeting in 2018.

About the quality of our carnival testified the awards from FECC, from others Carnival's cities and award in the manifestation tourism. The FECC gives the memorial medal to the “Amazonian's girls” for the best performance. Also, the organizing committee from Prilep's carnival awarded them with the Plaque for the best performance. The coordinator of our carnival, Mr. Janković, awarded with the Tourist puzzle in the category of the “meritorious individual” in manifestation tourism.

For this year we prepared the remarkable program. In three carnival days, you can see the various program: the first day, the rising of Carnival's flag, the Pet's carnival, the fast-eating contest; the second day, the Carnival class in schools, Baby’s Carnival, and Children carnival parade; the third day, the promotion of touristic potential, the Serbian folklore and the International Carnival Parade with more than thirty carnival group from over ten countries. Because of that, we want you to come and to participate in our carnival. We guarantee you that you have good fun.





Ovde možete preuzeti obrazac za prijavu na 10. Čivijaški karneval!
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